Hill Family Genealogy

Descendants of Robert Means


1. Robert Means

He immigrated from Northern Ireland and settled in Old Orchard, Maine in 1718.

Jane Armstrong

Jane Armstrong, wife of Robert Means, was the daughter of James Armstrong, and she and her father immigrated to America with the Means family in 1718 from Ireland. After living in Falmouth, her father settled in Saco, Maine where he was a cabinetmaker. She was a sister of James and John Armstrong who were among the members of the First Parish at Falmouth, now Portland, Maine.
In 1738 the Robert Means family moved from Falmouth, Maine to Old Orchard, now Saco, where the Scotch-Irish settlement included her father. Jane and Robert had 8 children of record, all born previous to the move to Old Orchard.
Jane lived to be a very old lady, some say as old as 102, but Pepperell Records indicate she lived to be 98 years.(1) She was believed to be a very pious old lady who sang psalms at night to keep away the Tempter.

(1) Pepperrellborough First Church Records, John Fairfield, Pastor. York Institute, Saco, Maine.