Hill Family References

Hand Line Cod Fishing picture from Penobscot Marine Museum

Descendants of Peter Hill, Richmond Island, Maine, 1632

The Hills, “rock-ribbed and ancient as the Sun” have from the first formed a large and very respectable part of the citizens of Maine.  In making this incomplete history of the Hill family, I am largely indebted to the records complied over many years by those before me…my father, grand-father and great-grand father.



Specific Documents related to the Maine Hill Family

Hill Family in Maine – Narrative

Peter Hill – The Welcome Passenger List 1632-3

Mathers’ 1692 Wells Maine Garrison Story

Early Maine Forts

Fort Mary, Biddeford Pool, 1690

Hill Captives in Canada

Heresy Trial of Jeremiah Hill, 1793

Murder Most Vile – Fort Western, Augusta ME

History of Colonel Edmund Phinney’s Eighteenth Continental Regiment
Twelve Month’s Service in 1776

History of Colonel James Scamman’s Thirtieth Regiment of Foot: eight months’ service men of 1775 from York County

Jeremiah Hill Revolutionary War record

Daniel Hill Revolutionary War record

27th Maine Regimental History

27th Maine Military Register – Early Form 

27th Maine Military Register – Later Form

Hill Letters  – ( over 200 Letters/Documents to/from Hill family, Buxton ME farm, Biddeford, Saco, Blue Hill 1769-1904)

Buxton Maine Hill Family Farm Journal/Accounts, 1870’s

Buxton Maine Hill Homestead

Various Hill Correspondence with Jefferson, Adams, Madison, and Washington:

Letter from George Washington to Captain Jeremiah Hill, September 30, 1777

       Letter to Thom. Jefferson from Mark Langdon Hill, March 28. 1820 

Letter from Thom. Jefferson to Mark Langdon Hill, April 5, 1820

Letter to Thom. Jefferson from Mark Langdon Hill, April 17, 1820

Letter to James Madison from Mark Langdon Hill, April 17, 1820

Letter from James Madison to Mark Langdon Hill, April 27, 1820

Mark Langdon Hill (Jury Foreman) to President John Adams, September 8, 1798